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Ready to free yourself?

Do you:

  • feel a sense of emptiness, that you’re not (good) enough, and that something really important is missing in your life? (Spoiler Alert: that something is probably YOU.)

  • struggle with your weight, dislike your body, and are constantly dieting—and want to be done with all that?

  • live your life for everyone else, care far too much about what others think, and are a people pleaser who can't say no?

  • put yourself last on the list—or aren't even on your list?

How do you free yourself from all of this? Well, it’s going to take some practice and oodles of compassion, but I know you can do it because I've been doing it and I continue to practice Self-Love every day.

I warmly invite you to join our  community to learn gentle—yet very powerful—practices and processes that will nourish you and set you free.

What is the Self-Love Diet?

For my entire adult life I was obsessed with creating an “acceptable” body through food restrictions, deprivation, and harsh exercise. Then one day, while I was treadmilling (with a nasty cold),  berating myself for binge-eating the previous night and vowing to go on a diet, a kind, gentle Inner Voice interrupted, “Sue, sweetheart, what you need to go on is a diet of Self-Love.”

​Unlike traditional diets, the aim of the Self-Love Diet isn’t to lose weight. In fact, any attempt to manipulate the size of our body is a form of abuse (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). I don't say this lightly—if I treated a child in the ways I've treated myself, it would easily be considered neglect and abuse.

The Self-Love Diet is about accepting our body—and all bodies—exactly as they are without judgement. It's about recognising that everyone has equal value and worth and is welcome to sit at the human table.

Why a Diet?

Nourishing ourselves with Love is not a one-time achievement. In the same way that we don’t eat breakfast and say, “That’s it, I’m forever satisfied,” liberal servings of Self-Love are required consistently and often in order to flourish and live our best life.

Being someone who adores and understands the power of words, I Loved learning the Greek origin of the word diet literally means manner of living and to lead one’s life. Mmm, what a delicious thought:


Letting Self-Love Lead Your Life


After years of being on a diet of self-deprecation and self-deprivation, sprinkled with heaps of self-loathing, I longed for a better manner of living. And after years of seeking better, I’ve come to know that it’s everyone's birthright to feel good and to enJOY life.


So, if this manner of living appeals to you, I invite you to join me and other like-minded women who are letting Love lead our lives.

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