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Care Less to Love More

. . . how to not care (so much) about what others think of you


Sure, it’s good to care for others. It’s even prudent to care about what others think of us in certain circumstances. BUT! when we care all the time and too much, we hold ourselves back from living rich and delicious lives that truly fulfill us.


Most of us don’t realise just how much we allow what others think to dictate our choices and what we think, say, or do. Furthermore, we don't realise how we blame them for holding us back.


Caring less about what others think can empower us to live our lives FREE from the need of their good opinion, enabling us to Love them more.

During this interactive, transformational workshop you will:

  • become aware of the ways that caring too much impacts you and the choices you make.

  • understand why you care so much about what others think.

  • learn how to let Love—vs fear—guide your decisions.

  • be introduced to a life-changing practice to free and empower yourself.

  • discover how to have your own back and become your own best friend.

  • realise how looking for Love in all the wrong faces has led you away from your Inner Wisdom and happiness.


  • half day

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