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Dealing with Difficult People

Some people can sure be difficult, can't they? Whether they’re our parents, children, siblings, customers, managers, teammates…. and maybe even some friends, how we deal with these folks and their difficult ways will determine either a peaceful or toxic experience for us—and for them.

I used to retreat when I had to interact with unsavoury people. But now I greet them openly and, for the most part, I don’t allow their bothersome ways to bother me and practice accepting them just as they are.

This is true personal power and ultimate freedom!

During this fun, interactive workshop, you will:

  • identify typical behaviours and characteristics of difficult people.

  • realise how you are personally impacted by these folks.

  • recognise the real difficulty with difficult people.

  • learn how to not take people’s unwanted behaviour personally.

  • explore emotional manipulation and how to not fall prey to it.

  • understand what causes people to be difficult.

  • learn techniques, strategies, and tools to assist you in re-claiming your personal power and managing the emotional upheaval triggered by others.

  • be presented with guidelines for speaking up so you will be heard and honoured.

  • be given guidance for an empowered interaction with difficult people.

  • craft the actual words you can say to address a wide range of difficult behaviours.

  • be given scripts to use to kindly speak up to a host of unpleasant characters, such as: bullies, gossip mongers, dumpers, time bandits, grumps, passive aggressors, martyrs, know-it-alls, monopolisers, fault-finders, blamers, complainers, and many more. Whew!


  • one day

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