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Swap This for Self-Love


As you become aware of the (insidious) ways that you

mistreat, disrespect, and dishonour yourself and your body,

with unspeakable and endless

self-compassion, exchange these habits with acts of

self-acceptance and self-care.

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Simply put, hypnosis talks you into a very relaxed state, opening your mind to accept guided imagery and positive suggestions to help bring about a desired result, in this case:

To Love Yourself Deeply

Carve out 20 undisturbed minutes to relax and activate your capacity

to Love yourself more deeply.

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I wrote this book to be the friend to those who are going through a difficult time—the friend I wished I’d had in the wee dark hours of the night when

I felt all alone.

I not only chronicle that journey, but I also share strategies that soothed and helped me navigate the scary terrain.


So, take my hand,

let's walk together. 

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This is the first workshop of the of the Self-Love Diet series.

It lays the foundation for all the other workshops, dispelling the notion that Self-Love is bad. In fact, you'll learn the opposite is true: Loving and caring for yourself is the kindest and greatest gift you can give to others.

You can see the full workshop description here.

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