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Give Rise to Joy with Gratitude

Numerous studies reveal that feelings of gratitude produce a multitude of positive effects that promote mental, emotional, and physical health, career success, improved relationships, increased productivity, and a higher level of overall happiness. In fact, research shows that gratitude is one of the most powerful ways to enhance our experience of life!


And even more good news; it doesn’t have to cost a thing!

During this fun, interactive workshop, you will:

  • understand what gratitude is.

  • learn a variety of ways to remember to look for things to appreciate.

  • discover the science-based life-changing benefits of a consistent gratitude practice.

  • appreciate the need to constantly practice gratitude to in order to physically change your brain and transform your life.

  • personally identify what might prevent you from cultivating a gratitude practice and how to easily overcome those barriers.

  • be offered 19 simple, yet very powerful, ways to practice gratitude—most of which take no time at all.

  • be given a wallet gratitude reminder for quick and easy reference.


  • half day

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