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Put a Cork in Your Whine and Live a Champagne Life

There are no winners when we play the Complain, Blame, And Defame Game—even when the vast majority of people would completely agree with our whine.

So, why do we play this game?

Whining doesn’t change the situation. Nor does it take away the pain of being wronged or hurt by others. But it does cause further suffering. And research shows it even affects our physical and mental health in several harmful ways.

During this fun, interactive workshop, you will:

  • uncover why we play the Complain, Blame, And Defame Game.

  • find out how our whine seriously harms our health and wellbeing … and that of others.

  • discover how taking responsibility is our superpower.

  • realise that a bit of whine is actually a good thing.

  • be given 4 empowering practices to help you live a champagne life.

  • learn how to turn whine into win!

  • examine the effects of sharing our whine.

  • be given strategies to kindly decline whine offered by others.

  • determine what you can respectfully say to put a cork in other people’s whine.


  • one day

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