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Say NO—with Love—Guilt Free

For most of my life I felt like I had to say yes to every request and every invitation, leaving me with only two options:

1. come up with a list of reasons to prove why I couldn’t possibly do what was being asked (I even made stuff up).

But more often than not....

2. I would ​do what I didn’t want to do (sigh).


Either way I felt trapped and victimised because I couldn’t even conceive of saying, no.


This is why I Love this workshop so much. It empowers us to say a kind, Loving no without feeling wrong, bad, or guilty. Further, it frees us from the need to explain, justify, or defend our choices. And, bonus! it conditions us to better accept—and still feel okay—when others say no to us. Woohoo!


During this empowering, interactive workshop, you will:

  • discover why it’s so hard for you to say no—guilt free.

  • learn how to not take other people’s no’s personally.

  • appreciate how saying a solid, confident no is a demonstration of Love for yourself AND for the no recipient.

  • be given guidelines for how to say no, with Love.

  • learn 6 “soft no” techniques—along with the actual words to use—as you build your comfort level enabling you to say a direct, straight-up no.

  • be taught a variety of strategies to buy you time when you’re not sure  that you want to say no.

  • determine the specific words you can say to decline 4 common sticky requests.

  • learn how to rescind a yes that was given in a moment of weakness when you really wanted to say no.



  • half-day

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