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Setting Loving Boundaries

Establishing personal boundaries isn’t about building a wall around ourselves. Rather, it’s about taking care of our sense of peace and joy, ease and wellbeing, and our needs and desires first[1] and foremost, while at the same time taking into consideration the wants and needs of others.

I realised that when my wants and needs took a backseat (more often than not, they weren’t even in the proverbial car), I would feel used, exhausted, disrupted, taken advantage of, and sometimes, down-right resentful. I now know that maintaining healthy, Loving boundaries prevents most of the stress in my life and enables me to offer my best self to those around me—and I know this will be true for you, as well. 


This is a BIG, juicy topic, and as such, it requires a full day to do it justice. Sometimes I will offer the workshop in one full day. At other times I will break it up and offer the second part on a different day. 

During the first part of this interactive workshop you will:

  • identify what’s preventing you from having personal boundaries

  • be offered solutions to address concerns about setting boundaries.

  • determine how you and others are negatively affected when you don’t have healthy boundaries.

  • discover how maintaining boundaries is an act of Love that benefits you and the people in your life.

  • be introduced to a four-step process* for setting and maintaining Loving boundaries.

During the second half of the workshop you will:

  • employ the four step process* for setting and maintaining Loving boundaries.

  • identify what’s not working in your life.

  • become aware of the power of your EGS: Emotional Guidance System

  • establish boundaries that honour your time, space, energy, wellbeing, and overall level of happiness.

  • understand the importance of communicating your boundaries clearly and firmly

  • learn strategies to kindly handle people who violate or attempt to push the edges of your boundaries.


*Note: Step 3 is Communicate Your Boundaries. This is another BIG topic and it's thoroughly and beautifully addressed in the Speak Up—and Ask workshop.

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