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Speak Up—and Ask

There are many reasons we might be reluctant to voice our opinions, communicate a boundary, share our ideas, and ask for what we want. But when we don’t speak up, we can feel—and truly be—ignored, neglected, overlooked, or victimised. This often leads to harbouring resentment toward those who aren’t reading our minds and automatically taking care of our needs. Even more heartbreaking, we resent ourselves because deep down we know that we’re the ones who are letting ourselves down by not speaking up.

This is not Love.

We are not happy.

And we’re certainly not fun to be around.


During this empowering, interactive workshop you will:

  • identify what holds you back from speaking up.

  • understand what prevents you from asking for what you want and need.

  • learn how speaking up and kindly asking for your needs be met is a demonstration of Love—for yourself and those you're interacting with.

  • get Speaking with Love Guidelines, that when applied, make it easy for people to hear what you have to say and for your requests to more likely be honoured.

  • determine the actual words to say when communicating a boundary or when simply asking for what you want.

  • prepare for dealing with situations when your requests are met with resistance.

  • half day

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