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Stop Shoulding

Good or bad, right or wrong are at the core of shoulds. We believe we’re good when we do what we should and bad when we don’t. So, to keep ourselves in line and to ensure that we do, be, and have the right things, we make ourselves feel bad when we don’t abide by shoulds. But here’s the rub:


​Our brains are designed to seek pleasure and avoid pain, which means to freely choose what we want and don’t want. But mindlessly adhering to shoulds prevents us from doing this.

​If you want to break free from the tyranny of shoulds and enjoy the liberation that comes from consciously choosing what’s best for you—FREE of GUILT and SHAME—this workshop will start you gently on the path.

During this transformative, interactive workshop you will:

  • identify the shoulds and shouldn’ts that are running your life.

  • explore how shoulds are negatively impacting you and those you Love.

  • learn a process to shush the shoulds.

  • receive a technique to quiet and soothe your mean inner bully when you powerfully choose not to comply with a should that disappoints or angers another person.

  • be offered a Love Practice to help you get conscious and clear about your choices.

  • be given a practical power tool to free you from the feelings of oppression and victimisation caused by shoulds.

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