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The Self Love Diet

For my entire adult life I was obsessed with creating an “acceptable” body through food restrictions, deprivation, and harsh exercise. Then one day, while I was treadmilling (with a nasty cold) and berating myself for binge-eating the previous night, a kind, gentle voice in my head interrupted, “What you need, sweetheart, is to go on a diet of Self-Love.”

Unlike traditional diets, the goal of the Self-Love Diet isn’t to lose weight. In fact, any attempt to manipulate the size of our body is a form of abuse (physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual). I don't say this lightly--if I treated a child in the ways I've treated myself, it would easily be considered neglect and abuse.

The Self-Love Diet is about accepting our body and all bodies exactly as they are without judgement. It's recognising that everyone has equal worth and deserves to sit at the human table.

Why A Diet?

Nourishing ourselves with Love is not a one-time achievement. In the same way that we don’t eat a meal and think, "That’s it, I am satisfied forever more," liberal servings of Self-Love are required constantly throughout the day—every day—in order to live truly full-filled and happy lives.

Being someone who adores and understands the power of words, I Loved learning that the Greek origin of the word diet means manner of living and to lead one’s life. Mmm, what a delicious thought:

Leading Your Life With


If this manner of living appeals to you, I invite you to join me and other like-minded people who want to let Love lead our lives.

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