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Whose Life are You Living, Anyway?

­What will she think?

What will she say?

What will she do?


Years ago, I was paralysed by these thoughts as I was trying to talk myself into taking care of my needs, which were in opposition to what my friend wanted of me. Then, a loving voice inside my head asked:

“Whose life are you living, anyway, Sue?”


Many of us are not living our lives for our joy. We sacrifice our desires and forfeit what would make us happy to hopefully ('cause there's no guarantee) keep the peace or to garner the favour and good opinion of others.

If you relate to any of this and want to discover what’s causing you to feel and behave this way, this workshop will help you to gracefully honour the life you were given to live.

During this interactive, transformational workshop you will:

  • uncover what’s preventing you from living your life—on your terms.

  • be introduced to one of the most empowering questions you can ask yourself.

  • identify what's preventing you from contemplating this empowering question and learn many easy-to-implement solutions to overcome those barriers.

  • start to explore what makes you come to life.

  • examine the fears that are paralyzing you from fulfilling your needs and desires.

  • be offered gentle, yet immensely powerful strategies to help you clear your fears so that you can honour your life, while harmoniously allowing others to do the same.



  • half day

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