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All of my workshops have been created out of my need for them. And even though I’m the one who researched and designed them, I continually need to refer to them. What can I say; old habits die hard.


What are you struggling with? What would you like to change in your life? If I don’t already have a workshop addressing your need, please get in touch with me because chances are you’re not alone and I just may develop a workshop designed to deal with your specific challenges.

What you'll get:

  • a reference guide/workbook and handouts filled with practical strategies, techniques, practices, and processes to empower you.

  • insights, revelations, and clarity that have the power to transform you and your life.

  • a fun, life-changing experience shared with (new) friends.

  • a built-in network of women to support, encourage, and celebrate you.

  • the best gift you can give to yourself and those you Love: an inspired, empowered, happy you!

Though I designed the workshops in an order that builds upon the previous one, each workshop stands on its own without any pre-requisites. 

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Cornucopia full of hearts spilling out of it
Stethoscope and prescription pad for Self-Love
Woman being controlled by puppet strings
Group of people we should care less about and a heart representing loving more
Stop sign, hands in handcuffs and a key
Wine bottle with a sad face on the label and a champagne glass with sparkley bubbles
The word "Joy" is being lifted up by three heart balloons
Ornate gate
Two speech bubbles
Say No With Love Guilt Free
6 emojis: grimace, smirk, swearing, crying, mouth zipped shut, and fuming
Bird cage with an open door and birds flying free

What I'm Currently Working On

Emotional scale depicting 5 emojis: angry (bottom), sad, neutral, happy, elated
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Open hand holding a pile of gifts
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